Cacao, sharing circle, and restorative yoga.

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  • Rafstöðvarvegur

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Amidst the busyness of life and holiday preparations, offer yourself a moment of stillness. Allow your body to naturally move towards relaxation through the practice of restorative yoga. With a calm, relaxed body and nervous system, connect with others in a sharing circle. Sharing cacao, then taking turns to share verbally and hold silent space for the sharing of others. What might it feel like to share your present-moment experience knowing that you will not be interrupted, questioned, or offered advice? Come feel the freedom, space, and warmth around your heart that can arise from mindful communication. Allow the relaxation and warmth cultivated in this midwinter sanctuary to flow into your families and your holidays. 20% discount for Eden subscribers (1-month cards and longer subscriptions, not klippikort) Markéta Foley

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