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Vara ekki lengur í boði. Hafðu samband til að fá frekari uppl.

Receive & Restore

Mid-week restoration of inner calm, harmony, and vitality.

  • 3,000 Icelandic krónur
  • Rafstöðvarvegur

Service Description

Having given energy out into the world through your daily activities, what would it feel like to take time for yourself: to receive and restore your energy? Receive & Restore classes provide the space and conditions for such restoration, reorienting the practitioner back towards a natural state of inner calm, harmony, health, and vitality. Each class consists of three chapters: gentle, restorative, entirely ground-based movement, reclined or seated meditation, and restorative savasana (resting in stillness). Somatic awareness is cultivated throughout including during the meditations, some of which are drawn from the qigong tradition. Classes are suitable to all abilities, all levels of experience, and all body/mind types. You are welcome to receive the entire practice from a place of physical stillness. Kennari: Markéta Foley

Upcoming Sessions

Contact Details

  • Rafstöðvarvegur, Reykjavík, Iceland

    454 3130

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